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Trust Your Tech From core to cloud

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_ Establish trust in the devices that power and run your business. Eclypsium’s supply chain security platform builds trust in your core technology by identifying, verifying, and fortifying the infrastructure code in enterprise software, firmware, and hardware.


Protecting tech where and when it counts

First Financial’s VP of Information Technology

Steve Coffey

“By deploying Eclypsium we‘re staying ahead of these low-level threats. And we’re getting the right tools in place well before auditors ask for evidence of firmware protections, which can happen at any time given the increased threat levels… The best tools are the ones that don’t require a lot of lift to get going but still give you immediate insight.”

Vice President, Lockheed Martin

Tim Booher

“Eclypsium provides Lockheed the ability to see and act on cyber events at the lowest level of our systems. Their technical capabilities and deep knowledge of firmware are critical to understanding our complete system.”

One of the world’s largest finanical trading firms


“We went from 0% work from home to 99% work from home and wanted to cover our remote access laptops as we consider all of them high risk assets at present.”

Senior Director of Security Engineering, DigitalOcean

Tim Lisko

“The roots of trust in your IT infrastructure are extremely important, yet are extremely difficult to inspect and not well understood. Eclypsium solves these critical problems simply.”

Senior Manager of Security Engineering, DigitalOcean

Heather Cannon

“Naturally, we have our own approved image for our operating systems and software. But it didn’t make sense to install good software before we knew that we could trust the devices themselves. Eclypsium made this easy. We were able to gain a level of trust in the devices that enabled us to make a more informed risk-based decision, allowing us to move forward with reimaging. For any devices that alerted, we were able to pull them out of rotation and set aside for a deeper investigation.”

Defend and optimize the foundation of your enterprise

The Eclypsium SaaS platform monitors infrastructure code across the supply chain and mitigates risk throughout the asset lifecycle.

Protect critical software, hardware and firmware.

Protect below the OS and beyond the apps.

Reduce supply chain risk, from chip to cloud and secure your entire infrastructure, continuously.

Identify, verify, and fortify critical assets throughout enterprise infrastructure and supply-chain.

Gain detailed visibility and control of the bill of materials from manufacturers, suppliers, cloud providers, and operational systems.

Identify and mitigate hidden risk across the IT estate by finding and evaluating vulnerabilities hidden in supply-chain sub-components.

Verify integrity and immediately discover compromise by automatically monitoring software, firmware, and hardware assets.

Deploy continuous monitoring for your infrastructure including third party components and cloud, automatically.


Eclypsium continuously monitors and protects the devices and technology produced by leading information technology vendors and equipment manufacturers.

Deep visibility you have to see to believe

Deep Visibility You Have to See to Believe
Eclypsium is the deepest level of visibility you can get into your IT infrastructure and supply chain. See how you can defend the foundation of your enterprise with an Eclypsium demo today.

A unified platform approach to protecting digital supply chains


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Protect Your Enterprise from Core to Cloud

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