Firmware Security for Enterprises

Go beyond traditional tools for deeper trust to build a resilient foundation

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When existing tools look up, we go deeper and cover the foundation.

Traditional vulnerability scanners, endpoint monitors, manufacturer monitoring, and security tools stop in the shallow end. To verify your device’s integrity, you have to go under the application code, where your current tool stack can’t take you.

Leaving that code vulnerable means you could be exposed to threats through compromised end points, network assets, device hardware, or patches.

How deeply can you trust your devices, really?

Eclypsium continuously monitors and protects the firmware, components, and devices produced by leading information technology vendors and equipment manufacturers. If you’ve got it, Eclypsium covers it from purchase to patch.

Looking for something specific?

Continuously identify, verify and fortify your core infrastructure code

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Extend (and don’t disrupt) your existing workflows, in a single platform

  • The only infrastructure monitoring tool you need.

  • Seamlessly integrating with your current tech stack.


Gain a deeper level of visibility and protection