The chip-to-cloud digital supply chain security platform

Build trust in every critical asset in your enterprise.

Eclypsium Solutions The Chip To Cloud Digital Supply

Gain total visibility and zero-trust security at the device level across your entire IT estate.

Ever-sprawling and increasingly complex digital ecosystems are growing enterprise risk — exponentially.

Enterprises need visibility that goes deep into the engine running the business and the supply chains that have produced every device, patch, and code.

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of organizations have experienced a cyberattack directly related to vulnerabilities in their digital supply chain. And attacks have been doubling year-over-year.

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of exploited ransomware vulnerabilities are in the embedded code inside network devices built by OEMs and manufacturers.

Total digital supply chain visibility, infrastructure code monitoring, and continuous device-level vulnerability scanning — in a single solution.

Eclypsium sees and defends your IT estate, from cloud to core.

Digital Supply Chain Security

Informed trust requires verification, and that is the responsibility of each enterprise security team.

Eclypsium gives enterprises tools to verify that the devices they buy are authentic, free from vulnerabilities, and haven’t been tampered with at any point.

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Firmware Security for Enterprises

To verify your device’s integrity, you have to go under the BIOS code, where your current tool stack can’t take you.

Leaving that low-level code vulnerable means you could be exposed to threats through compromised end points, network assets, device hardware, or patches.

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Regulatory Compliance

Supply chain security, firmware security, and device integrity have become priorities across a wide range of industry standards and regulations.

Eclypsium is purpose-built to solve these problems, providing organizations with a simple, highly automated platform for ensuring the security of their technology supply chains and the integrity of their devices and underlying firmware.

Zero Trust for Endpoints

Eclypsium extends zero trust assurance to the foundational, bare-metal compute levels.

This amplifies benefits across the length of the complex digital supply chain and down to the true core of each device in your estate.

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Protect your enterprise from cloud to core

Get deepest levels of visibility into your IT infrastructure and supply chain.