Partner Program

Securing digital supply chains, together_

Partner with us to grow your business and restore trust in the assets enterprises rely on.

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Global Partnership Program

Our partners are security professionals who want to deliver industry-leading infrastructure code, digital supply chain, and device-level protection to their clients.

We offer training, support in standing up a business, incentives to grow, and rewards for opportunities you bring to the table.

Integration Partners

Eclypsium seamlessly integrates with hundreds of enterprise tools so you can gain total visibility and trust in your tech without disrupting your existing workflows.

Here’s how it works

  • Get trained and certified on our products and solutions.
  • Receive discounts on “not for resale” (NFR) demo and lab equipment.
  • Work with our leadership and account teams to develop a tailored business plan.
  • Grow your revenue through market development funds (MDFs), like sales incentive programs, event funds, and other financial support.
  • Get rewarded, through value-added contributions to new opportunities.
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Partner with us today

If you or your professional services business would like to explore becoming an Eclypsium global strategic partner, then get in touch.

A member of our support team will reach out to discuss the process and answer your questions.

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