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Threat Research

Relentlessly pursuing supply chain security threats, so you can trust your tech.

Our experts are focused on being the first to identify threats, so that our partners and customers are continuously secure and stay one step ahead. If you need help, you can contact us to get expert advice on managing your digital supply chain risk or to schedule a training workshop for your team.

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Research Blog

The Latest on Supply Chain Security

Sharing best practices, industry-level updates, and insights into emerging vulnerabilities. Updated regularly with recent discoveries so you know what we know.

A great “need to know” resource for busy teams who want quick, actionable information.

Below The Surface

Our in-depth threat landscape report

Released every few months and filled with valuable insight so that you can stay up to speed on the latest infrastructure code, digital supply chain, and firmware-level threats and remedies.

Watch it or read it. View a discussion-based interview of key findings or read our written summaries to get this valuable research in the format you like best.

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Testing the security of every device

You should be able to trust your devices. That belief led our founders to start the CHIPSEC Framework for Platform Security Assessment.

CHIPSEC has become the de facto standard open-source tool for checking the security of platform firmware and hardware.

Because of CHIPSEC, you never have to guess if your machine is secure. When in doubt, test it out.