Meet The Founders

Building a world where infrastructure security is basic IT hygiene — not an afterthought.

Founders of Eclypsium
Computer and Circuit Board

Eclypsium founders Yuriy and Alex could have stayed at Intel or continued working within the system. But then, who would be the ones fearless enough to take infrastructure security and help companies establish trust below the surface?

The story is as simple as the solution they’ve created. Today, Eclypsium is the foundational layer for secure work from anywhere and a catalyst for trust-filled enterprise environments across the globe.

Meet the team advancing this vision and the ones locking arms with leading enterprise partners around the world.

“The complexity and dependency on global supply chains of critical hardware and software has created an attractive and rapidly growing playing field for threat actors. We educate and equip organizations with the knowledge and tools to defend their device fleets and supply chains. As the leading provider of a comprehensive platform securing critical hardware, firmware and software in organizations’ supply chains.”

Yuriy Bulygin

CEO and Co-Founder of Eclypsium

Securing your infrastructure,

while you change the world

We are a team on a mission to eliminate the complexity and stress of securing digital supply chains, so that our customers can freely work to create value that only they can.

Like operating life-saving medical devices in hospitals, maintaining regional economies, or providing safe banking for local families, just to name a few.

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Eclypsium Leadership Team

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Exploited vulnerabilities are growing rapidly — but so are we. Help us fight back.

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