Identify Device Firmware


Visibility is the first step of security, and even the best security teams can’t protect assets that they cannot see. Unfortunately, most organizations are relatively blind when it comes to the fundamental firmware and hardware within their critical enterprise devices. Eclypsium brings simple and consistent visibility to this all-important layer, ensuring that organizations can automatically discover critical devices and identify the firmware and components that they rely on.

Traditional inventory and asset management typically only go to the level of the operating system or processor. This leaves organizations blind to their BIOS and UEFI system firmware as well as to the low-level device settings, physical components, and component firmware within the device. Worse still, global IT supply chains are under constant pressure, meaning that even the best manufacturers often need to change suppliers and substitute new components over time. As a result, a device acquired today may have different internal components and firmware compared to the same model acquired last month.

Eclypsium gives simple, reliable visibility into the deepest levels of laptops, servers, and network devices, ensuring teams can stay on top of their assets and catch any unexpected changes to newly acquired devices.

Discovering Assets

Eclypsium gives Security and IT teams a complete view of their environment, making it easy to discover all types of critical devices no matter where they are in the enterprise.

Eclypsium makes it easy for teams to discover all the devices in their enterprise fleet including user endpoints, servers, and networking infrastructure.

Eclypsium’s unique distributed discovery identifies devices even if they can’t be directly managed by an agent.

Find devices across the distributed enterprise and in remote working environments.

Discovering Assets

Eclypsium provides deep insights so that security teams will always know exactly what is in each device down to the firmware, components, security capabilities, and low-level settings and configurations.

Firmware Details
Eclypsium gives detailed insight into system and component firmware. Easily see firmware version, release date, and analysis of individual binaries within the firmware. Easily see if updates are available or if there have been any changes to the firmware.

Device Components
Eclypsium gives details into the specific components within a system such as the processor and chipset, PCI devices, Trusted Platform Module, and network interfaces.

Security Capabilities
Automatically identify the low-level security features available on each device and if they are enabled including boot settings, firmware write protections, DMA protections, and more.

Building and Maintaining an Inventory of Assets

Eclypsium makes it easy to maintain an accurate inventory of your many assets. Teams can quickly see assets based on their security traits or role in the organization and easily document the constantly changing fleet of devices.

Easily focus on specific devices of interest such as by device type, vendor, operating system, components, or security features.

Build device groups to easily track critical devices or see devices based on their role in the organization.

Find any new devices added to the environment or devices that were missed during the most recent scan.