Ultimate Guide to Supply Chain Security_


The industry is facing arguably its most fundamental challenge in IT and security today—how to easily and independently audit the security of their supply chains and verify the integrity of the products and services that they rely on. The purpose of this guide is to:

  • Outline the steps of implementing a supply chain security program, emphasizing the need for simplicity and automation and recognizing the importance of collaboration between supply chain vendors and enterprise customers
  • Identify risks associated with supply chains, including the introduction of vulnerabilities, malicious code, counterfeit products or components, stealthy attacks, persistence, data theft, disruption, and reputation damage. These risks affect various technology domains, such as software, firmware, cloud infrastructure, and hardware.
  • Provide insights into the challenges, risks, and strategies associated with supply chain security in the IT and cybersecurity landscape, aiming to equip readers with a solid understanding of the considerations for implementing an effective supply chain security program.