What’s New in 3.0: Eclypsium Supply Chain Security Platform

Version 3.0 of the Eclypsium supply chain security platform is here! Here’s a summary of the new features and enhancements:

New Views and Flows

We’ve changed some things up in the user experience, including a new Supply Chain section that includes an inventory of products that you own. This view makes it easier to see what types of vendors and models are in your environment, along with information about versions, vulnerabilities, and threats for those products. 

Network Device Scanning Enhancements

You can more easily configure network device scans with streamlined CLI commands. We’ve also built an integration with CyberArk for authenticated scans.

Lightweight Sensor Enhancements

You can now collect more information from VMware systems, including ESXi NIC hardware information and remotely monitor multiple ESXi and vSphere servers. You can also now use streamlined CLI commands to configure multiple ESXi and Redfish targets.

Vulnerability to Version Mapping

We continue to work on streamline remediation workflows. Now, when you see a vulnerability in the UI, you will be able to drill down to the specific UEFI or BIOS version that will remediate it.

Added Threat and Vulnerability Detection Coverage

We’ve added a number of new detections for threats and vulnerabilities:

  • Following the MSI breach, Eclypsium now detects and alerts on MSI UEFI firmware and leaked Intel Boot Guard keys on MSI systems. 
  • We’ve improved our detection of the BlackLotus bootkit. 
  • Detection for CVE-2021-43615, an SMM memory corruption vulnerability
  • Detection for new vulnerabilities in TPM 2.0: CVE-2023-1017 and CVE-2023-1018
  • Detection for vulnerabilities exploited by LockBit 3.0 ransomware, CVE-2022-36537 and CVE-2021-34473
  • Detection for new Cisco vulnerabilities, CVE-2017-3881 and CVE-2018-0127
  • Generic ransomware detection through SSH Message of the Day
  • Detection of counterfeit Cisco 2960X/2960XR switches