Device Monitoring and Firmware Threat Detection

Proactive firmware and hardware monitoring is essential for protecting IT assets from cyber attacks and proliferating threats.

Using rootkits, implants and backdoors, attackers are increasingly targeting the largely unprotected hardware and firmware within servers, laptops and network devices. These types of persistent threats are invisible to traditional security monitoring solutions, which lack the ability to see beneath the operating system.

But now there’s a better approach. With the Eclypsium® Platform, you can automatically monitor enterprise devices for firmware and hardware threats, detect run-time anomalies and exploits and mitigate attacks. Backed by the industry’s leading firmware threat research team, Eclypsium helps you defend your IT infrastructure from both known and unknown threats.

Eclypsium closes the biggest gap in cyber security monitoring—the lack of visibility into firmware and hardware level threats.

Threats to firmware and hardware cybersecurity can come from both within and without the enterprise. Some start as malware or phishing attacks, and take advantage of vulnerabilities or missing device protections to implant themselves in firmware. Others use network access to exploit firmware remotely, or create back doors using remote out-of-band management capabilities. And five minutes of physical access to a device is enough to install a hidden rootkit.

These firmware level attacks are persistent, stealthy, and able to bypass most security measures. Once an attacker has compromised the firmware of a laptop, server or network device, they can safely persist on the system and evade your OS or application level security. Since the malicious code lives within the firmware of physical components, the threat can easily survive a complete reimaging of the system or even replacement of hard drives.

To detect these threats, you need a solution for run-time monitoring and protection that works below the operating system level - the Eclypsium firmware protection platform.

Firmware implants and backdoors have been one of the favorite cyberattack tools of nation states for years. By implanting malicious code in firmware, the threat is able to sit below the level of the operating system, enabling the threat to easily subvert traditional security controls and gain near omnipotent power and visibility over the infected system.

  • UEFI rootkits and bootkits
  • Network device implants
  • Remote management backdoors
  • Unauthorized firmware modifications
  • Malicious add-on devices
  • And other firmware and hardware attacks

Server Hardware

Modern servers are designed to be remotely administered via IPMI and baseboard management controllers (BMCs). Firmware in BMCs is a common source of vulnerabilities, giving an attacker the potential to disable or completely control a system and its data.

Eclypsium monitors all the key firmware and hardware components in your servers to ensure your data centers aren’t compromised.

Network Infrastructure

Network devices have become a key target for large scale state sponsored attacks that modify device firmware to gain full visibility and control over the victim’s network. Meanwhile firmware vulnerabilities have opened the door to less sophisticated attackers.

Monitoring network infrastructure with Eclypsium ensures your routers, switches, and firewalls stay free of backdoors and implants. .

Corporate Laptops

Endpoint monitoring is essential to protect today’s workforce from attackers but leaves a gap when it comes to the vulnerable firmware and hardware in laptops. Attacks, whether remote or physical, can compromise a laptop in minutes and persist in firmware even after reimaging.

Eclypsium closes that gap, giving you visibility into firmware and hardware threats that endpoint protection platforms can’t detect.

Want visibility into threats to your device firmware? Eclypsium can help. Contact us.

Proactively monitoring enterprise devices with the Eclypsium Platform protects organizations from the foundation of their computing infrastructure upward, controlling the risk and stopping threats inside firmware of laptops, servers, and networking infrastructure.

The Eclypsium platform automatically scans each system, including its many subcomponents, in order to collect details about what firmware is present and how it is configured. This baseline data is then analyzed to discover firmware-level threats such as implants and backdoors regardless of how they enter your environment.

Eclypsium checks the system periodically for the presence of any known implants based our industry research and intelligence as well as monitoring the device and analyzing the behavior of its firmware to identify malicious code that has never been seen before. You can set alerts to notify you of a new vulnerability, threat or integrity failure. Combining static analysis with behavioral analytics helps to ensure you’re defended from both known and unknown threats.

Comprehensive Firmware & Hardware Integrity Monitoring

Visibility into all the key components in laptops, servers and network devices, including CPU, DRAM, Option ROM, UEFI, BIOS, ME/AMT, SMM, BMC, PCI, NIC, TPM and more to identify risk associated with vulnerabilities, misconfigurations and outdated or changed firmware as well as threats such as rootkits or implants.

Advanced Threat Detection

Eclypsium identifies known and unknown threats using IOCs, behavioral and static analysis based on the largest global firmware white list and reputation database, with over 3M hashes across 23+ hardware vendors.

Dynamic Alerting

Configurable alerts let you monitor groups of devices for specific vulnerabilities or indications of compromise, and notify endpoint operation or incident response teams when they are detected.

Visibility & Mitigation

Eclypsium provides recommendations on how to mitigate vulnerabilities and risks with detailed mappings to advisory information such as CVSS scores, missing security features and latest vendor firmware updates.

Configurable Scanning

Weekly scanning is typically recommended, but the frequency, timing and priority of firmware scanning is fully adjustable to meet the varying needs and threat profiles of enterprise data centers, network infrastructure and endpoint protection.

Firmware Monitoring Protects You

Eclypsium monitors all the key components in enterprise devices, proactively finding vulnerabilities in your firmware and misconfigured security settings in your device. You’ll sleep easier knowing that your critical infrastructure is protected from firmware threats.

Eclypsium works below the operating system layer to find threats that other monitoring solutions can’t. If an attack happens, you’ll be able to confidently assess whether it has compromised your firmware, and know what to do about it.

Eclypsium’s commitment to firmware attack research means we’re continually enhancing your ability to detect and respond to risks and threats. You’ll feel good knowing we’ve got your back when it comes to firmware security.

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