Announcing General Availability of Eclypsium Platform 1.0

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At Eclypsium, we are forging a new layer of security to defend the unguarded firmware and hardware of the modern enterprise. Today, we are excited to announce that the Eclypsium Platform has moved out of beta and is generally available. The Eclypsium Platform offers monitoring for known and unknown firmware threats, detection of device tampering during travel and in the supply chain, and firmware risk and update management on Macs and PC laptops, servers, and network devices. This provides organizations improved visibility for detecting firmware risks and compromise in the supply chain or in operations. The Eclypsium Platform supports cloud and on-premise deployment models.

Eclypsium Dashboard

Since launching initial deployments in September, we have gained incredible insights from our work with customers in real-world environments. We found that over 99% of the devices we tested were vulnerable to known attacks, and 77% of devices were running outdated firmware with vulnerable configurations. Firmware is the area where enterprise defenses are the weakest and attackers are the strongest. Yet this is the reality at the firmware layer where threats can allow an attacker to subvert security, silently persist, steal data, and damage assets.

Firmware is at the heart of every device from laptops to servers to networking equipment. This crucial firmware layer is more accessible than ever before and it’s no surprise that vulnerabilities and attacks targeting it are on the rise. Once attackers compromise the firmware they can easily persist, cause disruption, damage, and bypass traditional security controls.

The Eclypsium Platform closes these gaps. Our approach monitors devices, reveals weaknesses and vulnerabilities, assists with updates, and detects known and unknown threats. We extend this protection throughout the lifecycle of a device.

Integrity Trends Chart

We specifically want to thank our beta customers for their invaluable feedback and insights, which helped us deliver a wide variety of product improvements. The 1.0 release of the Eclypsium Platform introduces a variety of enhancements in enterprise deployment, integration, security, and user experience. We continue to simplify the daily operations of the solution with a portable scanner mode for performing device scans. Additionally, we have enhanced coverage across vendors, devices, and components. For details on use cases that may pertain to your needs please see our product section.

With the general availability of the solution, we encourage you to try the solution for yourself. Contact our team in order to see a demonstration of the solution or arrange a trial for true visibility into the security of your firmware and hardware layers. Contact us at [email protected] for more information.