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Eclypsium Joins Google Cloud Marketplace

Portland, OR – February 7, 2023Eclypsium® today announced that its digital supply chain security platform is now available on Google Cloud Marketplace, the premier platform for enabling businesses to easily find, deploy, and manage pre-configured software solutions and tools in the cloud. With this partnership, customers of Google Cloud now have access to Eclypsium’s solution for comprehensive digital supply chain security, designed to secure and protect the critical firmware, hardware, and software of an enterprise’s devices. 

“Today’s supply chains are complex and reliance on third-party components has exponentially expanded the attack surface. Limited visibility into suppliers creates blind spots that may contain vulnerabilities that lead to widespread damage, not just within one enterprise, but potentially affecting multiple organizations,” said Yuriy Bulygin, CEO and Co-Founder of Eclypsium. “With Eclypsium, customers are assured that critical firmware, software, and hardware are protected. Google Cloud Marketplace greatly simplifies deployment of our platform.” 

New research shows that IT leaders face significant and growing challenges in securing their supply chains against attacks — 77% of organizations have discovered previously unknown participants within their software supply chain, and 80% have experienced a cyberattack due to supply chain vulnerabilities. Eclypsium gives organizations improved visibility throughout the supply chain for identifying compromised software and firmware pre-installed in enterprise devices, detecting vulnerabilities, and providing patching capabilities to ensure every device is continuously protected against supply chain risks.

“Eclypsium empowers businesses to monitor and manage cybersecurity in their digital supply chains, protecting against loss of data and intellectual property, operational disruptions, financial loss, and other pitfalls of a cyberattack,” said Bulygin. “Eclypsium identifies, verifies, and fortifies the underlying software and firmware of an organization’s devices — including endpoints, network gear, servers, and connected devices —  to provide end-to-end protection of the device supply chain. Our presence on Google Cloud Marketplace makes protecting mission-critical devices and securing the supply chain of enterprise infrastructure more accessible for organizations everywhere.”

Google Cloud Marketplace allows businesses to easily find, deploy, and manage applications in the cloud, enabling them to scale operations, lower costs, and streamline infrastructure while ensuring security, reliability, and compliance with industry standards. Talk to your Google Cloud representative for more information about procuring Eclypsium through Google Cloud Marketplace. For more information about Eclypsium services and custom packaging, contact [email protected]


Eclypsium’s cloud-based platform provides digital supply chain security for critical hardware, firmware and software. Eclypsium defends enterprises and government agencies from the deep implants and exploits that have become the vector of choice for modern adversaries. For more information, visit


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