Fortify Enterprise Devices


If it makes sense to Identify the firmware we have in our device fleets, and to then Verify those components are true to their source or not unexpectedly vulnerable, then it also makes sense to Fortify those components by taking action: patching, updating or re-configuring them. But the task of fortifying their embedded firmware is where security and infrastructure professionals alike face the greatest challenges.

With Eclypsium, organizations can easily take action to address their firmware risks. From the Eclypsium user interface, staff can see devices with vulnerabilities or integrity issues, then apply firmware updates in order to bring devices back into an approved state. Automated alerts can proactively notify staff of any new vulnerabilities or changes to device integrity. A robust API ensures Eclypsium easily works with other security tools and processes, allowing staff to trigger automated responses and security workflows based on firmware or device-level events.

Patching and Updating Firmware

While firmware vulnerabilities can be some of the most damaging to an organization, they can also be some of the most difficult to address. Eclypsium allows organizations to remotely apply updates to vulnerable devices to mitigate risk and reduce their attack surface.

Eclypsium maintains the industry’s largest library of vendor firmware, making it easy to find the latest approved code for their devices.

Staff can use the Eclypsium application to download and remotely install firmware updates to remediate any vulnerabilities or integrity issues.

Enable available security features such as Secure Boot. Reduce attack surfaces and disable vulnerable features such as USB interfaces or insecure over-the-air updates.

Adaptively roll back and recover firmware to previous states (if supported by vendor).

Patching and Updating Firmware

Eclypsium automates and streamlines the process of keeping your firmware up to date and in the safest possible state, freeing staff from the hours of manual and technical work that firmware updates require.

Identify and Prioritize
Eclypsium automatically collects all the information you need to make smart update and patching decisions. Find devices that have firmware updates available. Quickly understand the impact and security value of the update to decide which devices to update and which to update first.

Deliver Firmware
Eclypsium automatically downloads and packages the appropriate firmware and delivers it to the devices you choose. Updates can be fully or semi-automated, ensuring you have full control over when updates are pushed.

Device Assurance
Easily maintain uniformity across your entire fleet of critical devices. Avoid unexpected behaviors by ensuring all devices are in the same good state.

Automated Alerts and API Responses

Eclypsium actively engages with staff and other security tools in order to take appropriate action as soon as problems are detected.

Automatically monitor groups of devices for specific vulnerabilities or indications of compromise and notify security teams when they are detected. Configure a Webhook so that when an Alert triggers, it sends the event data to the provided web hook URL.

Powerful REST API integrates with other enterprise security tools such as SIEM and SOAR solutions to trigger automated responses and playbooks. Easily integrate with device de-provisioning and reset flows.