Digital Supply Chain is the biggest security gap

Your entire enterprise infrastructure depends on it.

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Infrastructure security is at the core of what we do and who we are. It’s our specialized expertise and our passion, and we’re on a mission to help enterprises address the largest blindspot they can’t see.

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We focus on protecting the code core

The hidden threats to infrastructure code, and the devices they power, go much deeper than many people think. Some vulnerabilities are built right into the chips, or added when the low-level code is programmed to give your device “life.” These threats, which happen along the digital supply chain, are impossible to find, without objective, third-party research that holds every manufacturer, supplier, coder, and even user at your company accountable.

Our Vision & Mission

We exist to defend the foundation of enterprise and national infrastructure.

It is our mission to provide organizations with actionable awareness and practical tools to build trust in critical hardware, firmware and software in their infrastructure and in their digital supply chains.

With this aim, we freely provide leading edge research that we share with the world, and have operationalized it into an elegantly simple and practical platform that enables trust in tech, from the core to the cloud.

How we got here

After spending almost ten years leading security threat analysis and research at Intel, Eclypsium co-founder Yuriy Bulygin, went on to build an open source platform called CHIPSEC, which is now the industry’s leading open-source project for hardware security assessment.

In 2015, Yuriy and another Intel colleague, Alex Bazhaniuk, joined forces to found Eclypsium for the same reason CHIPSEC was created.

Their founding thesis was this: In order to operate, companies have to trust the code and hardware in every device they depend on. If they don’t, then every employee, stakeholder, and customer deals with the downstream effects of data breaches, network outages, and other violations that chip away at even more trust.

We see it as critical to have a world with more trust in the hardware, firmware and software tech we use, and make a positive impact on building trustworthy and resilient infrastructure.

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Eclypsium Leadership Team

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Protecting the Fortune & Global 2000

  • Largest US DIB companies
  • Fortune 100 Financial Services
  • Fortune 100 Oil & Gas companies
  • Top PC and Server manufacturers
  • Large Telecom Companies
  • Top Cloud Service Providers
  • Large Technology Companies
  • Hyperscale Internet Companies
  • US Government Agencies
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Work with us

Exploited vulnerabilities are growing rapidly — but so are we. Help us fight back.

If you are interested in joining the team, then take a look at our current openings or email us at [email protected].

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Learn alongside a world-class team

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Significant investment is behind our leading-edge research. But we don’t do it for the glory or the cocktail party conversation.

Eclypsium’s research is second to none because it has to be.

Informed enterprises, whether our clients or not, depend on our threat reports, white papers, podcasts, and blogs to patch their knowledge on critical security vulnerabilities.

If you’re looking to deepen your expertise, or to become familiar with the infrastructure code universe, then learn from our free resources. We share what we learn, so we can create a more trust-filled enterprise environment.

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This firmware threat report comes out every few months, and it highlights the key threats you need to respond to today.