Top 10 Deadly Serious Predictions for 2023

10. The Y2K bug will finally hit

9. 90% of all security breaches will be reported as “supply chain breaches” so that someone else can share the blame

8. Big pharma will release a pill for cyber insecurity

7. There will be new vulnerabilities disclosed during the eleven months of the year that aren’t December.

6. This one is for the math nerds: Zero Trust will be renamed as because it’s never zero

5. AI will protect AI from being hacked by AI

4. We will (barely) survive SBOMs, FBOMs and HBOMs

3. A local man will finally make it through an entire video call without talking while on mute

2. Ransomware actors will realize that they have all the money already so they will start attacking each other and wipe out ransomware forever

1. Some of these predictions will not come true (we sure hope so)