Regular vulnerability scanning and patching is a bedrock principle of good security practice. However, for many organizations this process stops at the application and OS level, leaving vulnerabilities in firmware unseen, unpatched, and open to attack.

Eclypsium® brings visibility and insight into this often hidden layer of the enterprise attack surface. Eclypsium scans enterprise laptops, servers, and networking equipment to provide an inventory of firmware and components, find weaknesses and vulnerabilities, and help drive corrective action.

Now organizations can know exactly what is in their devices down to the component level, and proactively find areas that need attention. Fast, automated scanning removes the need for time-consuming manual analysis and ensures that organizations can protect their firmware with rigor and consistency.
“By 2022, 70% of organizations that do not have a firmware upgrade plan in place will be breached due to a firmware vulnerability.”

Firmware vulnerabilities have become some of the most widespread and high-impact issues affecting enterprise security. In real-world Eclypsium engagements, we have found that 99% of devices analyzed either contain outdated or vulnerable firmware or are missing a basic device protection.

These vulnerabilities or missing protections can allow attackers to exploit the device and install implants and backdoors in the most privileged areas of a device. Malicious code in system firmware as well as device components can operate independently of the operating system and even alter the operating system and boot process itself. These threats can allow attackers to silently persist on a device indefinitely, provide access to data and critical functions, or even disable the device completely—all outside the visibility and control of the OS and traditional security tools.

This makes firmware vulnerability management and risk assessment an important task in a mature, comprehensive enterprise security program. Yet despite the importance, scanning and patching of firmware remains time-consuming, unautomated, and inconsistently applied.

Eclypsium changes that by bringing simple visibility and vulnerability assessment to the firmware layer of enterprises devices so that security teams can secure their firmware without the need for new specialized skills or effort.

Eclypsium scanning reveals the firmware inventory of enterprise devices including the system firmware (e.g. BIOS, UEFI, etc) as well as the firmware within device components such as drives, chipsets, PCI devices, and much more. Automated analysis reveals weaknesses, outdated firmware, or firmware that is known to be vulnerable. Eclypsium’s industry-leading research also keeps organizations on the cutting edge of the latest firmware discoveries.

Protect IT Assets from Hidden Threats:
  • Assess firmware vulnerabilities
  • Detect implants and backdoors
  • Spot missing device protections
  • Identify outdated firmware
  • Locate firmware upgrades & patches
  • Get expert assistance on firmware threats

Security Starts With Visibility

You can’t secure what you can’t see, and for most organizations, firmware is a persistent blindspot. Eclypsium makes your firmware layer visible and manageable by revealing what you have, where you’re weak, and what to do about it.

Eclypsium’s fast, automated scanning provides a complete picture of your firmware attack surface, and finds threats that are invisible to traditional security tools.

Regulatory Compliance for Your Firmware

Compliance standards like the NIST Cyber Security Framework and PCI DSS repeatedly underscore the importance of firmware security as part of a modern security program.

Eclypsium ensures you can easily document visibility into the firmware of your assets, and detect vulnerabilities and threats, making it indispensable for maintaining compliance with a wide variety of regulations.

Scanning for Your Most Important Devices

Laptops, servers, and networking equipment have very different firmware attack surfaces and Eclypsium ensures you have the visibility you need.

Scan servers for a wide variety of components and secure the management plane including BMC firmware. Ensure Intel ME and AMT technology is locked down on your laptops, and see within Cisco IOS to find weaknesses that can be exploited to install network backdoors.

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Comprehensive Vulnerability Analysis of Firmware & Hardware

Visibility into all the key components in laptops, servers and network devices, including CPU, DRAM, Option ROM, UEFI, BIOS, ME/AMT, SMM, BMC, PCI, NIC, TPM and more to identify risk associated with vulnerabilities, misconfigurations and outdated or changed firmware. Find vulnerabilities in your devices including weaknesses from 3rd party vendors that your supplier may not be aware of.

Visibility Across the Lifespan of Your Devices

Maintain a complete view of your entire environment or focus on a specific group of devices, with insight into firmware and components so that you know your security posture at all times.

Gain visibility into weaknesses and threats during device operations, IR & forensics, and during remote use and high risk travel to detect risks associated with hardware profile changes, tampering and compromise.

Automate Responses

With Eclypsium’s web-based administrative UI & powerful API, IT administrators can easily manage firmware risk, and respond to risks across the entire organization. SOC and IR teams drill down into each component to assess security posture and generate reports through the entire device lifecycle to ensure no change to baseline. The API allows Eclypsium to trigger a variety of orchestrated responses, even quarantining problem devices.

Reduce Hidden Risk

With 99% of devices containing at least one vulnerability or missing protection, Eclypsium reveals the hidden attack surface that attackers see but that is invisible to traditional vulnerability scanners.

Built-in Firmware Experts

Security talent is in short supply, and firmware security skills are some of the hardest to find. If you find suspicious firmware, Eclypsium experts are there to analyze it for you.

Save Time and Effort

Without Eclypsium, managing firmware is a slow, laborious process that can easily overwhelm staff. Eclypsium automates the task of scanning and maintaining visibility, and accelerates the process of applying needed updates.

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